The Language of Relationship

The Language of Relationship

The Language of RelationshipThe Language of Relationship

Janice Meighan and Ken Ramsay

Your Partners in Dialogue

"To reach an understanding in dialogue is not merely a matter of putting oneself forward and successfully asserting one's own point of view, but being transformed into a communion in which we do not remain what we are." Hans-Georg Gadamer.


Janice Meighan, Co-Founder & CEO

Janice considers herself a chief empowerment officer.  

She has worked in the non-profit and corporate sectors as an executive director of operations, senior fundraising professional, campaign strategist, senior end-user business systems analyst and a corporate trainer. Janice has performed multiple organizational audits and written complex governance and multi-year fundraising plans. She has also directed numerous planned giving campaigns and comprehensive business-systems audits for large universities, hospitals and other non-profits in North America.

As co-founder of Empowerment Dialogue Inc., Janice has created, designed and facilitated workshops in the charitable and corporate sectors utilizing soft-skills to develop and enhance the art and language of relationship and face-to-face fundraising – knowing that we empower others as we empower ourselves.

Janice holds her Master’s degree from the University of Toronto and certificates in user-systems development, leadership training, and bereavement and grief education.  

Janice is the published author of Feisty and Fearless: Glimpses into the Life of Lois M. Wilson, a biography on one of Canada's great Canadian women.


Ken Ramsay, Co-Founder & President

Ken personally believes in empowering people 

who empower others.  

Ken is also one of the most experienced planned giving professionals in North America. 

He launched Empowerment Dialogue in 2014. 

As the former President and CEO of Legacy Leaders Inc. from 1996 to 2014, Ken built that company to be the pre-eminent planned giving consulting company in North America raising over $2.5 billion in gift expectancies. 

Ken was the founding Chair of the 

Canadian Association of Gift Planners and co-founded with Frank Minton, the course on Planned Giving at the Banff School, now known as the "Original Canadian Planned Giving Course."  

Ken is a frequent speaker, trainer, mentor and coach and has spoken and taught frequently at AFP, NCPG (PPP), AHP, CASE, CCAE and CAGP events throughout North America. 

Ken developed the planned giving curriculum and taught in the esteemed post-graduate fundraising management course 

at Humber College from 2014 - 2018. 

Ken is senior counsel at PGgrowth consulting group. And Ken has written the book Empowerment Dialogue – A New Approach to Fundraising 

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Our Values

We value relationships. We value communicating in ways that empower others as we too are changed by them.  We have created and grown the Empowerment Dialogue Approach and are committed to sharing it widely.

We believe that the global society and specifically the charitable sector is actually losing the "language of relationship" at a time when it is most needed. We, in partnership with you, can transform the loss. We have somewhat eclectic lives and consequently, see many applications for the Empowerment Dialogue Approach as a dynamic way of communication.

What do we mean by "Approach?"

Well, the Empowerment Dialogue Approach is a way of living and communicating that cultivates more meaningful relationships personally and professionally throughout your life. It's a new way of thinking and being.

We've found and been told by others, that results often happen immediately. Yet some results from this approach come by complete surprise and others are built over time, like how a muscle that is exercised regularly is built up and strengthened over time. With Empowerment Dialogue you will begin a process that inevitably leads to change - in you and how you relate to others.

Your life and career will have more depth and meaning.