The Language of Relationship

The Language of Relationship

The Language of RelationshipThe Language of Relationship


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The Ten Principles

Click here to a downloadable pdf for The Ten Principles of Empowerment Dialogue 

Gerald Bear, Fundraiser


Meet Prudence Penguin


Prudence Penguin is an accomplished fundraiser who lives Empowerment Dialogue.  She once raised $450,000 to build an orphanage for sea creatures whose parents had been caught by fisherman or died because of pollution.

She is good friends with Gerald and visits the beach to meet Gerald and help him with his challenge.


Meet Gerald Bear


Gerald Bear is new to fundraising and he has been given the challenge by all the forest animals to raise $200,000 for a new first aid shelter.  He knows nothing about fundraising but he is eager to learn. 

Luckily he has a good friend, Prudence Penguin that guides him on his fundraising journey.


Cartoon Series

The story of Gerald Bear learning to become a fundraiser will illustrate valuable fundraising knowledge and skills.