The Language of Relationship

Some Professional Fundraisers and those serving the not-for-profit and charitable sectors want more out of their careers and their lives ...

More depth, more meaning.

They want to feel empowered to use their skills and abilities to empower themselves and others through richer relationships. They want to cultivate a special life, witnessing their own understanding of self and others - and gain all the contentment that goes with that.

Empowerment Dialogue is the language of relationship.

  • a language of communication, written, oral and physical
  • a language that leads to fuller more integral relationships in your personal life and career
  • a language that empowers more effective dialogue with others, while empowering those others at the same time

If you are curious about this language of relationship, we offer a special welcome to you.

We created Empowerment Dialogues for fundraisers in the charitable and not-for-profit sector as a training program for working sensitively with caring supporters and donors. This also extends to working with your colleagues and Board members. We serve this sector.

Over the next year, additional applications for personal relationships and soft-skills enhancement for individuals and teams is also available. 

We will be rolling out podcasts and videos too. In the meantime do check out our blog. 

Additional Information

Janice Meighan and Ken Ramsay have created and grown the Empowerment Dialogue concept and are committed to sharing it widely.

They believe that the global society and specifically the charitable sector is actually losing the "language of relationship" at a time when it is most needed. Janice and Ken have somewhat eclectic lives and consequently, see many applications for Empowerment Dialogue as a dynamic way of communication.

Empowerment Dialogue is an approach to cultivating more meaningful relationships personally and professionally throughout your life. It's a new way of thinking and being.

Results often happen immediately. Yet some come by complete surprise and do build over time. With Empowerment Dialogue you will begin a process that inevitably leads to change - in you and how you relate to others.

Your life, career and the depth of its meaning will change. Welcome.


Empowering Applications

Training and Workshops


We provide customized training and workshops for individuals, Boards, and teams in the charitable and not-for-profit sector. Do you want to leverage  effectiveness, resiliency, creativity and real connection?



Whether you are a senior leader, middle manager, or C-level executive, today we all face many challenges. Sometimes we need guidance in our career and life journeys to meet and effectively handle the challenges that come our way. 

We have been there.

Buy The Book


If you've ever wondered how to ask for a donation, you'll want to read Ken Ramsay's book.   In just 90 pages, the reader is given a simple approach to the Empowerment Dialogue that anyone can follow. In fact, if we applied Ramsay's communication strategies in our daily lives, we would enrich all our relationships.  

~ Cynthia J. Armour, CFRE


Ken Ramsay is also senior counsel with the PG Growth team. 

Janice Meighan is also a senior consultant with 

the PG Growth team.

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